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Become a Puma Protector

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Become a Puma Protector

Through this monthly giving program, you will provide foundational support that helps us develop and expand our protections for mountain lions, increase understanding and empathy, and educate people about the value of coexistence with these remarkable animals.

As a monthly supporter, you’ll help spread the message to those who may never have stopped to consider the irreplaceable role that pumas — a.k.a cougars or mountain lions — play in our ecosystems. These majestic carnivores are essential to maintaining the delicate balance of our food webs and ensuring the health and vibrance of our ecosystems. The very life of our planet depends upon a healthy population of apex carnivores, and the mountain lion is America’s very own. She is ours to admire, to respect, to protect.

With a pledge of $25 per month or more, you will receive a limited-edition print titled "Protected Serenity" by artist Debra Wiruth. Every new monthly donor will receive a logo sticker.

Thank you for considering becoming a life-sustaining member of our Puma Protector program. Your monthly support will help us maintain our important work and ensure that cougars remain a vital part of our natural world.

Photo: Andy Stratton / Panthera