Saving Washington’s Cougars

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Coexisting with Cougars in Washington

Each state poses its own unique challenges when balancing the needs of people and the needs of wildlife. Today, Washington residents live alongside approximately 1,900 – 2,100 adult cougars. In an ever-changing landscape, both people and cougars are slowly learning to adapt to the presence of one another.

These native cats, elusive by nature, slip by under the cover of darkness to avoid our detection. We are helping Washingtonians coexist peacefully with these magnificent and enigmatic cats through engaging community presentations and advocacy efforts.

We also hope to improve conditions for cougars in the state by working with decision-makers. In recent years, around 214 cougars on average were killed by hunters. In 2018, a staggering 101 cougars were killed in the name of public safety. Often, cats are killed when they mistake livestock for prey. This begs the question, can we learn to live together?

We believe so!

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